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Planning to take our courses? Please read the following.


  • Support is available to registered learners at our Online School
  • Our content is available to registered learners for the term of registration.
  • Downloadable content is subject to copyright and may not be rebranded or distributed in a manner and is for the sole personal use of the registrant.
  • Personal information gathered for the purpose of registration, exam. registration or payment process is stored in a private database and is not used for any other purpose. It is also not shared with any third party, subsidiary or affiliate.
  • Information related to the examinations, such as certificates and personal details associated with your academic record are never deleted but are stored by the examining body, should such information be required or requested at a later date.


  • Examinations are prescribed by the relevant examining body and are internationally recognised.
  • Examination fees are paid online as prescribed by the examining body.
  • Examination fees are non-refundable.
  • We do not accept late applications for the examination, after the closing date.
  • All our online payments are subject to a transaction fee.
  • Certificates will be posted to learners by surface mail. We are open to other requests such as air mail.
  • Please acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations / requirements of the relevant examining body; details are provided in the course.
  • While the examinations are held across the globe, some centres are not available. Do check with us first.


Study material:

  • Our study material for exam preparation is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the examination.
  • Past examination papers are only available from the examining body and its distributors. These may be purchased online or at a local music stockist.
  • Our mock exam papers are composed by our own staff and provides content that is similar to the official examinations. We cannot provide copies of the official past examination papers as they are protected by copyright. We do, however purchase our own for the purpose of discussion with individual learners.
  • Books required for the practical examination will be purchased by the learner either online or from a distributor such as a local music store:
    • Prescribed examination pieces,
    • Prescribed Scales
    • Technical Work
    • Sight reading preparation
    • Practical Musicianship
  • The practical examinations cannot be undertaken without acquiring the prescribed books. Photocopies of the prescribed works are not allowed into the examination room. Learners presenting photocopies will not be allowed to take the examination.



  • Our material is designed for interactive study and registration for the examination will be based on a final assessment test.
  • We are unable to make warranties or guarantees regarding the passing of a registrant as this is beyond our control. Success will be based on the time and effort applied to any course.
  • Practical examinations are demanding and require time and regular practice. We will not enter a learner who is unprepared for the examinations under any circumstance.


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